Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cleaning & Organizing Business Supports Cancer Patients

Jacqueline Wright browsed the internet one day in 2008 and read an article that changed her life. As a result, she now has the ability to impact the lives of many Houston residents. “The article quoted the Department of Commerce as stating that 80% of domestic homes would seek outside assistance to manage their homes,” she said. “I took that information and ran with it!”

Within months of reading the article, Wright said she launched Neena’s Maid and Organizing Service in Houston, Texas. The company reflects both Wright’s love of organizing homes, as well as her lifelong charitable spirit.

“As a child I always enjoyed cleaning the homes of the older family members and neighbors in the fifth ward community of Houston,” she said. “I absolutely loved it!”

Today, Wright still donates her time and talents to others, as well as encourages other businesses and individuals to think broadly about ways to give. “Philanthropy is not just about money,” she emphasizes. “It’s about giving of yourself, your time.”

Her company has provided sponsorships for numerous community events, and recently partnered with the Cleaning for a Reason Foundation, a national organization that provides cleaning services for women undergoing cancer treatment. Through this partnership, patients can apply for services through the Foundation's website.

As a five-year breast cancer survivor, Wright said this new partnership is especially meaningful because she understands the challenges of battling the disease. "A person appreciates you doing something they can’t physically do themselves,” she said. “Cleanliness is especially important for cancer patients since their open wounds cause them to be susceptible to infection.”

While Wright focuses the majority of Neena’s philanthropic efforts on breast cancer initiatives, she also donates her time to various other organizations throughout Houston. Wright says she believes all people have the ability to contribute to their communities in some way. “Find something you can give to someone else and start there,” she says. “The power of giving is that it illustrates that you truly have to give to receive in life.”

Those interested in volunteering with the partnership program to serve cancer patients should contact Jacqueline Wright at (832) 489-4459.