Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Open Call for Charitable Businesses

Is your company "doing well by doing good"? Share your company's efforts in an annual region publication. Gulf Coast Philanthropy is focused on providing companies with the resources and inspiration needed to integrate socially beneficial initiatives into their business operations. Consistent with this mission, GCP is developing a directory of regional philanthropic businesses. Entries are being accepted through 2011. 

Corporations and companies with charitable interests in the Gulf Coast region are the main target audience for this publication. Angel investors are also invited to inquire about opportunities to participate in this directory. This annual publication is your key to reaching regional community organizations and/or small non-profit and not-for-profit businesses seeking volunteers, partnerships, in-kind services, sponsorships and/or grants from your company.

Contact The GCP Editor to Learn How This Project will:

  • Reach Those Who Are Targeting You
  • Increase Productivity in Charitable Efforts
  • Maximize Your Presence & Support Your Company Brand

Send a quick e-mail to to receive your information and commitment packet!