About GCP

Welcome to Gulf Coast Philanthropy (GCP), your online destination for philanthropic efforts in gulf coast states. This site was created to encourage and highlight thoughtful philanthropy among regional businesses. Founder Shannon Prudhomme, a Louisiana native and current Texas resident, also desired to share the GOOD news about our region. She also recognized the growing number of entrepreneurs in her community, and realized this was a key opportunity to instill a sense of social responsibility among growing businesses. The hope is that the integration of a social mission will remain a part of these businesses as they flourish over time.

The idea for Gulf Coast Philanthropy, in particular, was planted during the immediate aftermath of the 2010 gulf area oil spill. There seemed to be a cycle of disasters and turmoil devastating this region. The goal to encourage more businesses use their expertise to support recovery efforts alongside volunteers and other stakeholders. In addition, this website would be an opportunity to illustrate the great community initiatives occurring in both Louisiana and Texas, and emphasize that everyone has SOMETHING that can be contributed to benefit humanity.

Whether your business provides community grants, sponsorships to organizations or individuals, participated in international recovery initiatives, engages in volunteer efforts or implements sustainable business practices – we want to hear from you! We hope GCP’s blog postings enable businesses of all sizes - as well as individuals - realize their power to create change and improve their communities on a local and global level.  

We invite you to visit Gulf Coast Philanthropy often and comment on the different stories. Also, subscribe to this blog, follow us on Twitter, send press releases, and tell a friend! If you’d like to connect with the Editor and Founder directly, contact shannon@p3creativeconsulting.com. We'd love to hear from you!